Ok, I’m talking to all the mom’s out there. Are you the missing mom in your family photos? If you are like me the answer is yes. As mom’s, we are the ones behind the camera, the one taking the photos. To be fair a lot of times it is by choice. We hide behind the camera. I don’t have makeup on, my hair is a wreck today, I don’t like those extra pounds, I don’t have anything to wear. Do any of these excuses sound like you?

But here is the real truth. Your kids don’t care what your hair looks like, what the scale says, what you are wearing. They love you. I guarantee you will be happy you came out from behind the camera. Your kids will thank you (it may not be today, but they will). Create images for your children to look back on to cherish.

I have the answer. Book your session now. It’s easy. Call me at 262-573-6117 or message me at [email protected] My studio is located in beautiful Utica, Illinois. My sessions are very low stress, they are actually fun.

I Document Happiness