What’s in my bag?

Photographers and clients often ask me about my gear. First of all, I’m a Canon girl through and through. Canon and Nikon both make incredible hobbyist to pro gear. My first real camera was a Canon. I was hooked on photography and it was love at first sight with Canon from there. Clients often wonder what in my bag because they want to be secure in that I have enough gear to get the job done, and back-ups just in case something fails. Believe me, gear fails, it’s just part of the job. Once you see what’s in my bag you won’t worry about equipment failure! I’m a true believer in being prepared for any situation. Others want to know because of their own interest in photography, which is great! So here is my list of the goodies I use and some examples of how I use them.

The 85 f/1.8 prime it is a short telephoto lens (and my favorite lens in my bag). It’s small, lightweight, it is my go-to lens for seniors! 85mm is a very flattering focal length, and it particularly shines for portraits.

The Canon L24-70 f/2.8 lens is an amazing lens. It’s a versatile lens and is perfect for children and families.

The big boy in my bag, Sigma APO DG 70-200 f/2.8. This lens is great for portraits and sports. Its downside is it is HEAVY but I still love it and it’s amazing compression. When I have this bad boy in my camera body I feel quite important.

Canon 100 f/2.8 Macro lens. Perfect for newborn photos and those gorgeous ring shots at a wedding.

LensBaby Muse. The Lensbaby Muse is a fun and quirky little lens. It is all manual focus and does give the photographer some amazing shots.

Canon flashes 2 580EX II. In all honesty, they mostly hang out in my bag feeling lonely.  I shoot mostly with available light, but these flashes are great for the reception.

I carry two Canon bodies with me to every shoot. The love of my life EOS 5D Markiii with camera grip. Can you tell I really love this camera, my kids call it my baby.

And his not as exciting but still awesome little brother EOS 60d. He is a great backup, just not quite as flashy.

Other Stuff:

Sekonic L-358 Light Meter & Expo Disc. All truth be told I never use them. Somewhere along the line, I read every photographer must have these.

It was a lie. I never use them and don’t really need them.

A few other things you’ll find in my bag: batteries, memory cards, monopod, reflectors, cloth to clean lenses, deodorant, and breath mints (no one wants to be around a stinky photographer).

I hope this was interesting, and maybe a little helpful.